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оборудование для труб капельного орошения со цилиндрическими пластиками

оборудование для труб капельного орошения со цилиндрическими пластиками


       The finished irrigation pipe widely is used in cotton, vegetables, greenroom, fruit forest and economic crop irrigation. Our  production line is passed CE certificate. The production line have high-speed continuous production capacity, making pipe thickness distribute steadly. The drippers have high inserting frequency, very easy and to be convenient for operation.  Have main advantages as following:

(1). Advanced design for dripper transport and inserting device, can accurately make sure dripper transport and inserting into pipe.

(2). For Drill device,  we design two drill device to stagger drilling hole for  achieve drilling hole good and steady.

(3). For  winder,  the roller diameter can be adjusted by automatic changeing speed and strain power, and make sure pipe to be regular winding.


Dripper auto sorting and transport system
-Sorting speed more than 300PCS/M
-The speed of sorting & transport,dripper distance is well controlled by servo motor.

Auto punching device
-Drilling speed more than 260 PCS/M.
-Used for drilling single drip hole,double drip hole,tree drip hole,four drip hole.


Technical parameter:


Item Pipe diameter Pipe thickness Production speed Distance of dripper
Inline round dripper irrigation pipe production line Φ12-16-20mm 0.5-1.5mm 80m/min 150、200、300、400、500-1500mm







Auto winder
Tape slitting system
PLC screen
Dripper auto sorting and transporting system
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