Updated news:Round dripper irrigation pipe production line and drip mould sent to Iran by today.    Xindacheng irrigation pipe production line price depreciated

Thin-walled drip irrigation pipe production line

Thin-walled drip irrigation pipe production line


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  • New dripper feeder,inserting speed:1200-1500pcs/min.
  • New dripper buffer unit: No stopmachinery, can feeding more 1200pcs/min.
  • Making thin drip pipe:thickness min 0.12mm,weight only 7g/m.
  • Making big thickness pipe 0.9mm
  • Line speed:200--250m/min.
  • Dripper small space:100mm. (from 100-1000mm)
  • Upgrade dripper indentication and insertion,auto indertify non-proper dripper,asserance dripper 100% passing with good direction.
  • Auto punching device,two sets, dubaldrop hole or single drop hole on each dripper, speed more than 1000pcs/min.
  • Punching device fixed with online monitor & picture indentify system: Seting punching hole area, auto alarm for wrong punching,make sure product quality.


New dripper feeder Auto punching device


Item Pipe diameter Pipe thickness Production speed Distance of dripper
High speed thin flat drip irrigation pipe line Φ12-16-20mm



200--250m/min 100、150、200、300、400、500-1500mm



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