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Drip Irrigation Projection And Technology

Drip Irrigation Projection And Technology

The drip irrigation system consists of water source,header junction,conduit pipe and water dripper.

  • Water source:irrigation used water,need to be low turbidity and within standard impurities.If the turbidity is high,then sedimentation process is requested.
  • Header junction:header junction consists of water pump,motor,filter,chemical fertilizer tank,adjustment unit and etc.
  • Conduit pipe:it usually consists of main pipe,pipe branch and capillary tube.The main pipe and pipe branch are made by hard plastic conduit(PVC,PE),the capillary tube is made by soft plastic tube.
  • Water dropper is a kind of unit,at certain work pressure,can turn the water in the capillary into drop or streamlet shape.The single blade labyrinth type drip irrigation tape.Mosaic flat emitter type drip irrigation tape and mosaic round emitter type drip irrigation pipe.




Drip irrigation is a special low-pressure piping systems. It is a slowly drip irrigation methods, takes water to irrigate crops, roots.It is the most effective way a water-saving irrigation, water use efficiency up to 95%. Applies to fruit trees, vegetables, cash crops and greenhouse irrigation, In arid areas it can also be used to irrigate field crops.

  1. Increase efficiency, improve quality
     Accelerate the maturity of crops can be optimally controlled.Drip irrigation reduces water and fertilizer, pesticide application rate and the incidence of pests and diseases, can significantly improve product quality.

      2.Water-Saving, Fertilizer-Saving, Labor-Saving
  Drip irrigation so that water leakage and reduce losses to a minimum. Water supply directly to the plant roots need,there is no external water loss problem, but also so that the water use efficiency is greatly improved.

      3.Maintain soil structure
In the traditional irrigation ditch Border larger role, facilities subject to more soil erosion, compaction and erosion, if not promptly Row crop cultivators, can cause serious compaction, decreased ventilation, soil structure was damaged to some extent. The drip is micro irrigation, water slowly into the soil evenly, keeping the soil structure can play a role, and the formation of a suitable soil, fertilizer, thermal environment.

  4.Control of temperature and humidity
Traditional irrigation methods, irrigation capacity, long kept moist surface, evaporation increased, the indoor humidity is too high,easily lead to disease and insect pests of vegetables or flowers.Through the drip irrigation system for each single crop land and humidity can be controlled and maintained at the optimum value.



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