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Drip Irrigation Pipe Extruder With Flat Dripper

Drip Irrigation Pipe Extruder With Flat Dripper

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High-speed automated screening and embedding system

  • With slight adjustment,the screening and embedding system then can be used foridentification and transportation for single-hole dripper,middle-hole dripper and double-hole dripper.
  • The system has special designed identification device that can provide 100% dripper passing guarantee.
  • Identification speed>600pcs/min.
  • Dripper embedded space:between 100-1500mm,the dripping hole space can be adjusted through the PLC interface.

Automatic punching technology and online monitoring system

  • Own National invention patent(National Patent No:ZL200710063376.7)
  • High-speed for punching single hole,middle hole and double hole.Speed>800 times/min.
  • Configured with two alarm system for addident skipping and spacing deviation identify.
  • Configured with high-speed camera and PLC interface operating interface for tracking,monitoring and record storage.

Automatic rewinding and metering functionality

  • It is used by servo motor drive.
  • Automatic completion for dripper winding displacement,cutting and metering.
  • Very simple PLC operating interface for winding speed and roll volume control.
Single hole dripper
Double hole dripper
PC dripper
Middle hole dripper

Technical parameter:


Item Pipe diameter Pipe thickness Production speed Distance of dripper
Flat dripper irrigation pipe production line Φ12-16-20mm 0.15-1.0mm >150m/min 100、150、200、300、400、500-1500mm









Auto Winder
Auto Punching Unit
Auto Adjustment for Punching
PLC Screen Dripper Auto Sorting Dripper Transporting Device
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