Updated news:Round dripper irrigation pipe production line and drip mould sent to Iran by today.    Xindacheng irrigation pipe production line price depreciated

Single Screw Extruder

Single Screw Extruder

  • High production capacity and high velocity extrusion on the high quality base;
  • Low temperature plasticization design guarantees high quality product.
  • Two stages styles unitary design, reinforcing plasticization capacity guaranteed high performance and high velocity extruding.
  • The particular kind of barrier, BM type synthetical blending design guaranteed mixing effect.
  • High twisting force output, the huge thrust bearing;
  • The gear and shaft is high intensity alloy steel, and are treated by the cementite and tooth grinding.
  • High hardness and clean degree, and extremely low noise;
  • PLC intelligence control to achieve the linkage action of main machine and auxiliaries;
  • Man-machine interface easy to supervise, the process and the machinery condition can be conveniently comprehended;
  • Control mode (temperature control meter) may be replaced in the light of requirements.
  • Material character is 38CrMoALIA, nitrogen treatment;
  • Strict temperature control accuracy, wind cooling and water cooling unite;
  • The distinctive feeding inlet with consummate water-cooling unit design.
  • The barrel with channel surface feeding base suit has the function of increasing capacity, which ensure high efficiency and production capacity.

Item:Modle SJ-30B SJ-45B SJ-65B SJ-90B SJ-120B SJ-150B

Length diameter patio(L/D)

25-33 25-33 25-33 25-33 25-33 25-33

Main motor power(kW)

2.2-7.5 7.5-22 18.5-55 55-185 90-280 110-300

Heating power(kW)

5-8 6-12 12-18 16-40 20-60 30-80

Cooling mode

Fan & water cooling

Max. extruding capacity(kg/h)

18 60 180 450 650 950
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