Updated news:XINDACHENG Equipment appears in the German K Exhibition    Round dripper irrigation pipe production line and drip mould sent to Iran by today.

PPR Pipe Production Line

PPR Pipe Production Line


Equipment Features:


  • Special single screw extruder for polyolefin, having high extruding velocity and effective plasticization.
  • Separation mixing screw specialized for polyolefin.
  • Specially designed three co-extruding die, reasonable channel, smooth outside and inside wall, and little internal stress.
  • Producing pipe limitΦ20-Φ160mm, manufacture velocity up to 16 m/min.
  • May be used to produce HDPE silicon core tube, ordinary PP-R, PE and PEX pipes.
  • Low cost: The cost of nanometer & anti-virus pipe is merely increase 5-10% on the ordinary pipe basis.



Technical Parameters:


Extruder SJ-65/30B SJ-9030B
SJ-30/25B SJ-45/30B
SJ-25/25B SJ-25/25B
Pipe die φ20-63 φ20-160
Sizing trough SGZL-75 SGZL-160
Cooling trough SGZL-75 SGZL-160
Haul off machine SLQ-75B SLQ-160B
Sawing machine STG-75 STG-160
Stacker FZ-6000 FZ-6000
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