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Aluminum-plastic Composite Pipe Production Line

Aluminum-plastic Composite Pipe Production Line

Appearing on the market, there are three plastic composite pipe: 1, PE / AL / PE (outer layer of polyethylene); 2, PE / AL / PEX (crosslinked polyethylene inner layer, outer layer of polyethylene); 3 , PEX / AL / PEX (crosslinked polyethylene inner and outer layers are the central layer are aluminum layer).

Aluminum-plastic composite pipe has good insulation properties, corrosion inside and outside the wall is not easy, due to smooth inner wall, the fluid resistance is small; and because to bend, so easy installation and construction. As water pipes, aluminum plastic composite pipe has sufficient strength.

Al-loop coating Coating head die
Static Al-plastic PP-R pipe Forming machine
  • Two kind welding process:
  • 1. ultrasonic lap seam welding, co-extrusion forming.
  • 2. butt-joint argon-arc welding, welding seam close-gained and smooth.
  • Controlling center adopting computer control system of Austria B&R company programmable computer.
  • Long-distance closed loop control automatically the process of the speed of extruding and hauling, temperature and product diameter.


Diam. range of pipe

Product speed (m/min)

total install (kW)

Overall dim. L×W×H(m)

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